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In 1997, Jackie Jordan opened “Doggy Day Care” in Milwaukee, WI — years ahead of its time, when the idea of a “day care for dogs” was still consistently met with skepticism, snickering and head-shaking. Seven years later, with three successful locations and aspirations of franchising the concept, Jackie received a phone call from Chris Gaba, also a successful doggy day care owner in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

The Central Bark Doggy Day Care franchise system was created in 2003 and includes 31 locations in ten states. Co-Founders Jackie Jordan and Chris Gaba created the system based on a foundation of best practices to provide personalized pet care in an environment that is clean, safe and fun, and, as an alternative to kennel boarding. They set the standard of excellence in canine care that helps dogs become better canine citizens, improve the quality of dogs’ lives and enhance canine/parent relationships.

Should you consider Central Bark Doggy Day Care Franchisee Ownership?

pet industry expenditures

Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit, passion and business acumen to become a part of one of the country’s fastest-growing industries: Doggie Day Care?

Today, It is estimated that U.S. Pet Industry expenditures will grow to $72.13 billion in 2018. That’s a 73% increase over the past 10 years demonstrating the powerful growth of the pet industry through good and bad economic times.

Are you a creative, dog-loving investor who has the ability to continue to grow the Central Bark Network into the most respected chain of dog care franchise facilities in the nation?

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Franchises not yet offered in CA, HI, ND, RI, SD, or WA. Interested in these states?
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